The Company launched its business in 1407H, by providing cooked and uncooked nutrition services to hospitals in the Kingdom, through an integrated professional work system that adopts the latest international and health related standards to ensure the best results for its customers. The Sector is also distinguished by its ability to supply all types of foods for special medical cases such as children, infants, maternity cases and other cases that depend on the provision of special nutrition, according to the directions of the treating doctors.

The Company has achieved great successes in this field, in an effort to become the leading Company in the field of providing nutrition and raw food services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by following the best healthy methods and committing to strengthening the partnership with customers and meeting their requirements by supporting them with all of the following:

- Maintaining human cadres and providing them with logistical support.

- Commitment to the best standards in terms of quality and safety in our service to the customers.

- Constant and continuous communication between us and the beneficiary.

- Choosing the right human cadres will help us implement our work as it should.

- Permanent and continuous development and creation of new ideas that serve the work.

- Pursuing work and creating new ideas is a focal point for achieving our goal.

Company's Achievements in this Sector

- The Company has implemented to date projects worth (651,000,000 Saudi Riyals), in various sites affiliated with the Ministries of Health and Defense and others.

- The Company enjoy strategic relations with food commodity agents, through which it ensures the availability of the required food items from its main sources with the appropriate quality and costs.

- The Company owns a number of warehouses equipped to store all kinds of food, through which it ensures the application of the best environmental health and safety requirements and conditions.

Our Company enjoys first class classification in the field of nutrition from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs, which gives it the opportunity to work in all projects.