In line with its pioneering position, strength and growing presence in the local market, Scientific and Medical Equipment House Company enjoys several competitive advantages that distinguish it in all its diverse fields of work in contracting, operation, maintenance, trade, catering and others.

Growing investment opportunities in the market
Increasing government interest in maximizing investment in the healthcare sector projects in line with the increase in population and the high rate of chronic diseases due to the diversity and change of lifestyles in the Kingdom provides major investment opportunities for the Company, reinforced by its presence as one of the most distinguished partners in this sector.

Increasing the number of hospitals and health centers
The Scientific and Medical Equipment House Company, leverages its partnerships, to achieve great successes as one of the trusted partners for the implementation of quality health projects, to enhance its investment share in hospital projects and health care centers that are covered by government plans to increase their numbers and equip them in an optimal manner, which leads to an increase in demand for medical devices and equipment, which in turn leads to High demand for the supply of maintenance services and solutions for these devices and equipment.
Keeping pace with the programs of the Kingdom's Vision 2030
The Kingdom’s Vision 2030 is considered one of the most important strategic economic catalysts for the growth and regulation of the contracting sector. It is expected that the economic reform programs within the framework of this Vision will positively affect the construction and contracting sector, which has begun to appear through the launch of major new projects such as “NEOM, The Red Sea, The Line, and others.”

Human capital
The Company believes that its employees at all levels are one of the most important pillars of its growth and development. We always strive to attract the brightest national competencies, skills and expertise, and engage in their training, refine their talents, enhance the Company’s values, basic work ethics and teamwork, and enable them to implement the Company’s strategic goals, and maintain the best relations with its customers from all segments.

Effective management and capacity development
The Company includes a group of distinguished professional administrative and operational competencies, supported by a stable and growing business environment, through which it works to sustain development and keep abreast of the latest developments in the active markets since its inception.