Announcement of the Price Range and start of Institutional Book-building period for the initial public offering of Scientific and Medical Equipment House Company

Alistithmar for Financial Securities and Brokerage Company (Alistithmar Capital) in its capacity as the Financial Advisor, Bookrunner, Lead Manager, and Underwriter on the potential initial public offering of Scientific and Medical Equipment House Company (the “Company”) announces on behalf of the Company the price range, as well as the commencement of the institutional book-building period; as per the following details: 

- The price range for the Offering has been set at SAR (45 - 52) per share (the “Price Range”). 

- Bidding and book-building period for Participating Entities: starts on 17th January 2022 and ends on 27th January 2022. 

- The Offering is comprised of six million (6,000,000) ordinary Shares (the “Offer Shares”), representing 30% of the Company’s issued share capital, by way of a sale of existing Shares by the existing shareholders. 

- The minimum number of Offer shares to be applied for by participating entities is one hundred thousand (100,000) shares, while the maximum number of shares is nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine (999,999) shares. 

- The participation in the book-building process is confined to the participating parties in accordance with the Instructions for Book Building Process and Allocation Method in Initial Public Offerings issued by the Board of the Capital Market Authority. 

- The final price per Offer Share will be determined after the completion of the book-building process, to be followed by the Individual Investors subscription process, the number of Offer Shares to be provisionally allocated to Participating Parties is six million (6,000,000) Offer Shares, representing 100% of the total Offer Shares. Final allocation of the Offer Shares will be made after the end of the subscription period for Individual Investors. In the event that Individual Investors subscribe for all the Offer Shares allocated thereto, the Bookrunner shall have the right to reduce the number of shares allocated to Participating Parties to a minimum of five million four hundred thousand (5,400,000) Offer Shares, representing 90% of the total Offer Shares. 

For more information on the prospectus, please visit the Capital Market Authority website: